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                                               YOU FRY   

       YOU BUY        or

                                                 WE   FRY

You can take your seafood home to cook or we can cook your seafood for you. Retail customers can purchase from our fresh raw menu either by the pound, and/or by the case.

Wholesales and restaurants purchase by the cases only.  We also sell seafood breader, corn meal, oil, slaw, tartar sauce, spices, all your seafood supplies.

You can have seafood cook your way.  We have all kinds of spices; Obay, Season salt, Lemon pepper, Garlic, and Cajun,  just to name a few, fried hard, soft or regular it is your choice.

Our daily cook menu includes snacks, dinners, and combos.

 ·Croaker   ·Whiting  ·Perch  ·Tilapia  ·Flounder  ·Shrimp  ·Oysters  ·Swai 

 Seafood  on raw menu can be cooked - FRIED, STEAMED OR GRILLED for additional Fee.










Fresh Raw Seafood Sold by

POUND or CASES      


                           · Croaker  · Perch    · Flounder    · Swai

                      · Whiting  · Tilapia  · Crab Legs   · And More


We will prepare seafood your way:

Head On or Off, Filet, Down Back, Fins Off, etc.


We offer delivery service for orders over 200 pounds within a 20 mile radius

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